TP 52 Facade

The TP-52 is a cutting-edge addition to the latest generation of stick-built facades, which includes a base system and a diverse range of mullions and transoms. Its design specifically caters to the accommodation of sizable and weighty glazing modules. The vast array of profile choices and union options offered by the TP-52 enables the creation of an assortment of facade solutions, including vertical, inclined, corner, and polygonal designs.

Extrusion Alloy: 6063 T-5 (Anodized Aluminum)

Thermal Transmission Coefficient: U ≥ 0.11 Btu/(h⋅ft²⋅°F)

Thermal Breaks: 1/4”, 1/2”, 1-3/16” (PVC)

Gaskets: EPDM, Vulcanized (optional)

Glazing: 3/16”2-1/4”

- Mullion: 2.1 mm & 3.0 mm
- Transom: 2.1 mm

- Mullion: 2”
- Transom: 2”

- Hidden Top Hung: 396 lb.
- Hidden Parallel Projecting: 440 lb.
- Hidden Side Hung/Tilt&Turn: 220 lb.
- Fixed Vents: 1,650 lb.