Aluminum Clad

Our aluminum-clad wood windows combine the classic warmth of a traditional wooden window with the exceptional durability and strength of extruded aluminum, providing reliable exterior protection. Not only are they nearly maintenance-free, but they can also be customized to enhance the style of your home.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors offer a sturdy and reliable entryway system, making them an excellent choice for front entrances. Their heavy-duty construction provides long-lasting strength that won't let you down.

Our team of professionals can help you customize and install high-quality aluminum doors for your home or business. Get in touch today and let us do the hard work while you sit back and relax!

Aluminum Windows

Elegance and beauty are words that come to mind when we think about these Spanish and Greek windows. Our aluminum windows come with an elegant thermal break that will keep your building cool off during the hot summer months while also maintaining privacy.

With a sleek design, these windows are perfect for your home or office space!

Automatic Doors

Volnog Windows and Doors offers the convenience, safety and accessibility of automatic doors. Our automatic doors provide an impressive range of benefits including enhanced security measures as well as improved air quality inside a building. Plus the added bonus of controlling pedestrian traffic flow more effectively, our solutions are sure to make any entranceway look great while being both secure and accessible!

Commercial Glass and Windows

Choose from a variety of energy-efficient windows that will help you save money on heating costs without sacrificing views for your business.

Choose from Aluminum windows, balcony glass, partitions and curtain walls.

Commercial Glass Doors

Our commercial glass doors are perfect for any business, providing long-lasting style and reliable performance. With quality you can trust and a look that stands out, these commercial doors are worth every penny!

Choose from among our wide variety of energy-efficient glass doors, which are certified by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. 

Curtain Walls

Wall curtains are a practical, cost-effective solutions for businesses. Not only do they provide superior strength against harsh weather conditions or potential vandalism, but the insulation capabilities can lead to significant savings on energy costs throughout the year. Additionally, these panels allow for natural light into buildings while adding an aesthetically pleasing look from outside.

Glass Curtain Walls align the exteriors of commercial buildings, business centers, retail stores, medical facilities, and residential buildings.

Front Doors

Revamp your home with a stunning new front door! Our custom designs will bring the perfect finishing touch to any makeover, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. With customizable side windows and glass panels within the actual doors themselves, you’re able to create an interior or exterior that suits any décor scheme perfectly.

At Volnog, quality and precision are our priorities when it comes to crafting beautiful front doors. We won't settle for anything less than a perfect installation — because your front door should look picture-perfect for years to come!

Insulated Windows

Our insulated windows offer a range of attractive designs, energy-efficient glass options, and customizable features to elevate any space.

For energy-efficient windows that make a significant difference in your home, trust the precision of Volnog Windows and Doors. Our contractors guarantee flawless installation so you can count on maximum insulation performance from each and every window!

Keyless Entry Doors

Get the peace of mind that comes with our keyless entry doors. Made from heavy-duty materials, these entrance systems provide reliability and stability for years to come.

Get the convenience and security of a keyless entry system for your home or business! Our team can help you customize and install doors that provide maximum safety, so reach out today and we'll handle the rest!

COR80 Industrial Passivhaus TB

Passive House Windows

Choose from our wide variety of energy-efficient aluminum windows that are certified by the Passivhaus Institut in Germany. These products will save you money on your heating costs while still providing excellent views for your home or business!

Volnog is the premier Passive House window solution in Texas and Virginia. Contact us now to learn how we can help meet your project's needs!

PVC Windows and Doors

Our PVC windows are made in Germany and are perfect for residential or multifamily buildings because they're super energy efficient!

Steel Doors and Windows

Steel doors and windows are the perfect solution for residential or commercial projects, providing a secure barrier without compromising on style. With their strong construction and diverse selection of designs, you can find the perfect fit to suit your individual needs.

Our organization is committed to providing exceptional service and satisfaction every step of the way. From the initial design process to distribution and installation, we provide a customer experience that is unrivaled in quality and satisfaction.

COR80 Industrial Passivhaus TB

Storefront Windows and Doors

Unlock success for your retail business with customized commercial windows and doors  designed to accommodate any size operation. We provide an extensive selection of creative customizations, so you can achieve the perfect storefront entrance!

Our team of experts will guide you to the ideal storefront solution for your business – simply reach out today and we'll take care of the rest!

Vinyl Windows

Made in Germany, our Vinyl windows are perfect for any building's energy efficiency needs. Virtually maintenance-free, vinyl windows offer superior weathering and color retention while their fully welded sashes and frames provide strength & durability beyond compare. With a variety of colors available, you can easily find one that perfectly complements your home's aesthetic. The multi-chambered construction further aids energy conservation - making vinyl windows both stylish & practical!