Casement TB

Casement TB

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Thermally broken window that allows for both side hung and top hung outward openings. This solution, with a thermal break zone of 32 mm and a transmittance Uw from 1,0 W/m2K (0.18 Btu/hr/ft2/oF), has the British security certification PAS 24, being especially suitable for this market.

Options: Security hardware, concealed hinges

Opening possibilities
Outward opening
Side hung
Top hung

Possibility of bicolor systems
Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating

Max. 44 mm / 1.73 in
Min. 23 mm / 0.91 in

Uw from 1,0 (W/m2K) / 0.18 Btu/hr/ft2/oF)
Consult typology, dimensions, and glazing

Acoustic insulation
Rw up to 45 dB

Air permeability
(EN 12207) Class 4

Water tightness
(EN 12208) Class E1200

Wind resistance
(EN 12210) Class CE2400

Security test PAS24

Reference test 1.438 x 1.355 m / 1 sash + 1 fixed light
Security test: Reference test 1.438 x 1.355 m / 1 sash + 1 fixed light